The author’s statement about the reasons for removing the plugin from

On March 11, 2020, almost a year ago, without my knowledge, the Kocuj Sitemap plugin has been removed from The reason is the violation of the regulations. This would indicate that this plugin was doing something that is prohibited and therefore has been removed. I want to emphasize that this is not the case and the plugin is safe and fully functional. I explain this in more detail later in this text.

I found out about the fact that the plugin was removed from by accident a few months after its removal. I have not received any notification of this fact.

I asked the people managing about the reason. I got a reply that the reason for removing the plugin was because my e-mail address was unavailable for a long time. And that was the only reason for removing my plugin.

In fact, for a while I was in the process of moving all my pages to another server. There were some issues during the transfer that prevented access to my email accounts for at least a couple of days. However, I find it bizarre to establish this as the reason for removing the plugin from

Moreover, I did not receive any notification of this fact even when my e-mail was already operational. People working for feel it is okay for them to do so. However, I do not think so.

It turned out that unblocking the Kocuj Sitemap plugin on requires the code to be reviewed by people working for Initially, I took part in this process, but it turned out that these people demand quite significant changes, which are mainly due to not having a knowledge of the code. The plugin code is large and some of the things used in it are a design decision. Unfortunately, there were still requests for changes that were not necessary for this plugin.

After a few more code changes, I resigned from cooperation with The code for the Kocuj Sitemap plugin is old, but it works. I do not plan to develop it in current state anymore as my programming style has changed a lot due to my experience.

Therefore, currently the Kocuj Sitemap plugin is available for download only on this website. This plugin is fully functional and can be used. And the reasons for the lack of it on are explained in this text.