Wersja 1.2.0

Uwaga: informacja ta jest tylko w języku angielskim.

Kocuj Sitemap - WordPress plugin - 1.2.0 (Released 2013-09-28)
- 0000139: [Bug] Fix plugin registering hook (DK) - closed.
- 0000140: [Bug] Fix security in forms in administration panel (DK) - closed.
- 0000127: [Feature] Add support for qTranslate plugin to correctly display links and titles (DK) - closed.
- 0000129: [Feature] Add additional author information to administration panel (like Facebook link) (DK) - closed.
- 0000130: [Feature] Add button in visual and HTML editor for automatically adding a plugin shortcode (DK) - closed.
- 0000131: [Feature] Add more text for users to help and readme (DK) - closed.
- 0000132: [Feature] Add additional help information to each section in administration menu for this plugin (DK) - closed.
- 0000133: [Feature] Add possibility to change menu list in the plugin settings without reloading the entire page (DK) - closed.
- 0000134: [Feature] Change possibility of sending thanks to author to be possible after 1 day of using this plugin (not just after installing it) (DK) - closed.
- 0000135: [Feature] Change loading PHP classes for administration panel to do it only in backend to speed up scripts execution (DK) - closed.
- 0000136: [Feature] Add possibility to change order of menus list in administration settings for this plugin (DK) - closed.

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