Wersja 2.1.0

Uwaga: informacja ta jest tylko w języku angielskim.

0000285: [Feature] Do not load unneeded JS scripts in administration panel (DK)
0000287: [Feature] Reorganize code for Quicktags and TinyMCE buttons (DK)
0000288: [Feature] Remove unneeded namespaces fragments (DK)
0000300: [Feature] Minimize JavaScript scripts in administration panel (DK)
0000302: [Feature] Add JsDoc documentation to all JavaScript files (DK)
0000304: [Bug] Correct escaping HTML attributes (DK)
0000307: [Feature] Use PHP 7 function "random_int" instead of "rand" when it is required to have better randomize of value (DK)
0000299: [Feature] Add option for setting left margin in the sitemap (DK)
0000290: [Feature] Optimize JS scripts (DK)
0000309: [Bug] Cache directory is not always automatically created (DK)
0000310: [Bug] Shortcode button in visual editor is missing (DK)
0000303: [Feature] Add better errors handling (DK)
0000311: [Bug] It is impossible to exclude something in sitemap widget (DK)
0000301: [Feature] Make plugin PHP 7 compatible (DK)
0000308: [Feature] Remove unneeded "eval" in loading cache security file (DK)
15 issues