Wersja 2.3.0

Uwaga: informacja ta jest tylko w języku angielskim.

0000329: [Feature] Optimize size of plugin (DK)
0000334: [Bug] Wrong plugin review link (DK)
0000333: [Feature] Do not force displaying update information, but show link to it in top message (DK)
0000332: [Feature] Add old methods of custom support for multi-language to deprecated list (DK)
0000331: [Feature] Remove "tag*" CSS classes from HTML elements (DK)
0000318: [Feature] Remove support for qTranslate plugin (DK)
0000330: [Bug] Custom PHP classes for multi-lingual support are not working (DK)
0000327: [Bug] Incorrect setting permissions when creating a directory (DK)
0000328: [Bug] Change directories separator "/" to constant DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR for correctly working in Windows system (DK)
9 issues