Wersja 2.5.0

Uwaga: informacja ta jest tylko w języku angielskim.

0000350: [Feature] Change some texts for options and documentation (DK)
0000363: [Feature] Do not allow to send information about website to the plugin's author, when URL is local (DK)
0000362: [Bug] Cache is not removed for site which has been deleted from Multisite network (DK)
0000358: [Feature] Add "support" and "help in translation" buttons to settings pages (DK)
0000353: [Feature] Add option for removing duplicates when displaying different menus (DK)
0000361: [Bug] Disabling taxonomies for custom posts types is not working (DK)
0000359: [Feature] Add option for adding "powered by" text in the sitemap widget (DK)
0000349: [Feature] Reorganize settings in administration panel (DK)
0000352: [Feature] Optimize for memory usage (DK)
0000356: [Bug] Modal window in administration panel is not displayed correctly in mobile devices (DK)
0000355: [Bug] Meta boxes in settings are not displayed correctly in mobile devices (DK)
0000341: [Feature] Remove old methods (without any and with MultipleLanguages interface) of adding custom support for multi-lingual plugins (DK)
0000351: [Feature] Add possibility to disable multi-lingualism for the plugin (DK)
0000345: [Feature] Allow set if uninstallation of the plugin will remove its settings from database or not (DK)
0000348: [Bug] When in multisite, old versions data are only updating for the main site (DK)
0000286: [Feature] Reorganize code which supports plugin settings (DK)
0000347: [Feature] Change one-time widget to multiple widgets (DK)
0000282: [Feature] Remove usage of "jQuery UI" for tabs in administration panel (DK)
0000344: [Feature] Remove unneeded checking of settings values in JavaScript files (DK)
0000340: [Feature] Remove old filters from versions 1.x.x (DK)
0000339: [Bug] Use of PHP constants in context when it can be wrong (DK)
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